If your cafe is located in or around a train station or even in a busy town centre, then commuters and those travelling to and from the city will be looking for somewhere to grab a drink and something to eat as they pass through. As one of your main customer groups, it’s important that your cafe suits their needs, so for some top tips on how to do so, carry on reading.

Grab and go stations

Whether they’re seeking an early morning coffee or a sandwich for their train journey, having a grab and go station will make things more efficient by reducing queuing time. Grab and go stations allow customers to, as the name suggests, grab want they want, quickly pay for it and go. Long queues could be off putting for those who only have a short time to spare, so bear this in mind.

Popular products

Think about the products that travellers will need – water, hot drinks, fruit and sandwiches are likely to be a popular choice. Everything you serve should be suitable for travel, fiddly food will be hard to eat while on the move so have a good think about your menu. If your cafe also has seating then provide sit down options such as breakfasts and hot lunches. And be sure to cater for all dietary requirements including vegan and vegetarian options, so you don’t lose out on any customers.

Make it attractive

As well as the products you serve, you can also make your cafe attractive in other ways. For one, having free WiFi will definitely be a selling point for those sitting in. Commuters and business professionals will benefit from a place they can complete work or simply pass the time in between their journey. You could also set up a loyalty scheme where, for example, after five drink orders the customer is entitled to a 50% off and after 10 drinks they can receive one free of charge – this is a great perk that will keep people coming back.

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