Everyone likes going out for a fresh cup of coffee and treating themselves to a delicious pastry, but how does this affect our planet? As a cafe owner, there are a number of things you can do to make your business more sustainable, and since green living has grown so much as a movement, this could actually attract more customers to your cafe!

Read on for our top tips on making your cafe eco-friendly.

Shop locally

One of the first things you can do is source your stock locally, not only will this reduce your products’ carbon footprint but it can support your local economy too. Swapping supermarket items for those sold in your local farmers market, bakers or local food store, for example, is an easy swap that you can make.

Use recyclable cups

Disposable coffee cups often end up straight in the general waste bin as many are not widely recyclable. Instead, encourage customers to enjoy their coffee inside your cafe where you can supply a mug or reward customers who purchase takeaway coffees in their own reusable flask or coffee cup.

Don’t print receipts

Think about how many customers you serve each day and how many receipts you end up printing. Most customers won’t care about getting a receipt for a coffee or cake, so always ask each customer before going ahead and printing one as this will help you save paper each day.

Avoid plastic cutlery

Plastic, disposable cutlery clog up our seas and landfills in large amounts every year. Why not invest in bamboo cutlery and utensils?

Offer water

Even if you don’t stock plastic water bottles in your cafe, your customers may end up leaving your cafe and purchasing one elsewhere. Alternatively, set up a water station where people can fill up their reusable bottles.

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