One of the most important considerations for anyone thinking of opening up a cafe is deciding on its location. This will play a huge part in determining the success of the cafe in the future and is a decision that should come very early on in the process. So many things will be influenced by where your cafe is, including how many customers visit it, what kind of theme or cuisine you opt for and how you make sure it remains competitive with surrounding businesses of a similar nature and stands out.

The question is: how exactly do you know which location will be the ‘right’ one for the success of your business? Here are some tips to help you get started on this location quest, including key questions to ask yourself:

●    Think about what kind of building you’d like to be located in. The size of the building will dictate how many customers you can fit and how many covers your cafe can handle. The layout of it will also determine how you design your restaurant and how your staff functions within it.

●    Think about the area and how it will affect your custom. For instance, there are some obvious differences between a city centre and a more quiet village square. Ask yourselves this: What kind of customers are you targeting and where can you best reach them or they best reach you?

●    Consider whether there are lots of competing businesses in the immediate surrounding area. Now, this doesn’t have to mean that you don’t open up your cafe in an area with lots of other cafes. But you do have to assess the competition and work out what your unique selling point is that makes you stand out from the crowd. Why would a customer choose your cafe over the 10 others around the corner?

Keep the above factors in mind as you set out on a search for the best location for your cafe. As with everything, always keep your target customer at the forefront of your mind. Happy hunting!

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