Catering, like any other industry, is always changing. There are traditions that remain a constant, but all the time, new ideas are having an impact on the industry. So, we thought we would take a quick look at some of the trends that changing the world of catering.

Local Produce

The idea of using local produce when possible is becoming increasingly common for both caterers and consumers, something we’re fully on board with. With people more aware of the impact that they each have on the environment, the long term sustainability of food practices is of growing importance.

The easiest way for most caterers to do this is to buy local. The benefits aren’t just for the environment, though. With fresher produce, you’re likely to see an improvement in taste, and using fresh produce can only be good for a caterers brand image.

Dietary Decisions

Food awareness is a huge part of the recent changes to the outlook of the consumers of food in the UK. People care about where their food has come from, and what has happened to it before it’s arrived on their plate.

With increasing numbers of people deciding to become vegetarian and vegan, if you aren’t catering to these people you’re likely to struggle. Although, many caterers have provided probably offered a vegetarian option for many years, it’s not unusual for there to be just one such option. But, fear not vegetarians and vegans, times are changing. As the amount of people deciding against eating meat and dairy is increasing, so are the options available to them.

So, if you’re a caterer who has so far missed the vegetarian and vegan trend, it’s time to look at this a bit closer. As, providing these options is what could set you apart from your competitors.

Food Waste

Fifty percent of the food produced in the world is never eaten, shocking isn’t it? Fear not though, a cultural change is already happening. Imagine what the world would be like if we could get that number to zero.

In both residential and commercial environments people are looking and the ways that they can reduce the amount of food that they waste, and making changes. As a caterer, you can take simple steps to improve the way that your business performs. Simple acts like storing food better and managing the amount of food you buy more efficiently can not only reduce waste but also save you money.

Our Catering Equipment

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