Grab and go counters are designed to make your life easier. They allow customers to select what they want without your input and make it easier for you to keep all food at a proper temperature to prevent spoilage. They’re ideal for sandwiches, cakes, yoghurts, and anything else you wish to sell that requires cooler temperatures.

These cooling displays are ideal for a variety of locations, including:

Hospital cafeterias: It’s easy to be paranoid in a cafeteria located in a space with multiple diseases going around. This counter makes it simple for people to grab what they need and pay for it, without anyone else touching the food.

School cafeterias: You’ll speed up the lunch line if you offer food in these types of cabinet coolers. Students can quickly select what they want with minimal interaction and purchase it without worry.

Small shops: Do you run a shop that offers a variety of products? Why not offer some refrigerated items for quick snacks? A cooling case like the grab and go counter make it simple for patrons to figure out what they need and take it out on their own. This speeds up service and frees you up to attend to other people while they make their decision.

Cafes: When it comes to cafes, it’s always a good idea to have some pastries on display. You can also increase the number of items you offer by providing a glass case. You’ll easily be able to pay attention to other customers while the new ones make up their minds about what they want from the case.

Bakeries: Pastries and cakes that need to be kept cool will do very well in this setting. As customers come in, they can take out the cake or other dessert they want and then pay for it. There’s little handling needed from the bakery staff and it’s very simple for customers to see exactly what they want.

Mall kiosks: Do you have a food-based kiosk in a shopping centre? Then you may wish to add a grab and go cooler in order to expand your offerings. It can be simple to stock it with fresh food. Fruit, vegetables, and ready to eat meals are all popular options for this setting.

By providing your customers with more options for fresh, healthy food, you’ll see an increase in purchases. These counters are ideal for giving them more of what they want, in a way that allows the customer to reach in and take what they need before they purchase.

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