Do you own a food service business? No matter the type of food you serve, whether hot or cold, a drop-in counter is a wonderful method of displaying your food and keeping it the right temperature.

People like to see the food they’re ordering. You’ll find that your sales are far better if you have images of the food, but the best way to sell is to present the actual food wherever possible. Since most items are temperature sensitive, you’ll need to focus on keeping the food hot or cold, depending on which option suits your products best.

Drop-In Counters and Their Benefits

Drop-in counters are designed to sit into your existing counter, which allows you to make sure of the display space you already have, without investing in a whole new counter. The heating or cooling unit sits under the counter, with the display above to show off your delicious food.

Choose from Hot or Cold

You can opt for either a refrigerated unit or one that heats. Cold units are best for salads, sandwiches, and deli products. Heated units are ideal for soups and stews, or meat dishes that you need to keep at a higher temperature. Not only does this free up your refrigerator

Serve Food Directly From Counter

If you wish to use a server drop-in counter, you can choose a counter with heated food sections to serve directly from the containers. There are a number of configurations that you can use, selecting the best sizes of drop-in containers to suit the food you’re serving.

They’re Easy to Clean

With glass and stainless steel as materials, you’ll find it very easy to keep your drop-in counter clean and disinfected. Since this is a big concern when serving up food, you’ll want to be sure that everything is easy to wipe down and keep sparkling clean.

Keep Food Safe

Food kept at room temperature can rapidly grow bacteria that can make your customers sick. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s bad business to serve up potentially dangerous food. Instead, use a proper temperature to store your food. Placing it in a heated or cooled display allows people to still see what they want to eat, without jeopardising their health.

Get Your Counter Made to Size

If you have specifications that you need to fit, you can always ask for a bespoke drop-in counter. The counter will fit your needs exactly and ensure you have the best possible display counter for your business.

Your products need to be displayed in a way that will entice your customers to choose them. What better way than with a temperature controlled display?

If you’re interested in getting your own drop-in display, contact TFSE Products today.